We are extremely privileged to be able to contribute both time and resources to the following organisations. This keeps us grounded and allows us, in some small way, the opportunity to ‘give back’ to both the business community in which we operate, as well as offer assistance to life-changing projects in emerging nations.

Claire is a long-serving committee member of the International Business Women’s Group (IBWG) Dubai. A non-profit networking organisation run by women in business for women in business, the IBWG Dubai has been actively supporting the emirate's dynamic community of international career women for over 25 years. The group holds monthly breakfast and lunch networking events covering a wide range of pertinent industry topics with regular speakers, as well as hosting bi-monthly business workshops and complementary ad hoc events. The IBWG Dubai also runs the Small Business Incubator programme, which supports both male and female entrepreneurs across the emirate.

The need for tourism sector diversification within The Gambia led to the creation of this unique concept, which has been designed to open up the rich cultural heritage of The Gambia and West Africa to a new niche target market - youth. This annual event will bring together young people from Europe, The Gambia and Senegal under the banner of sustainable tourism through a week-long programme of sporting, cultural, educational and community focused activities. Following a successful pilot programme held in February 2011, Camp Africa 2012 will be officially launched at World Travel Market in November 2011. Claire spent time in The Gambia as a volunteer working on the feasibility study and business plan for Camp Africa, and continues to support the initiative as a communications consultant.

Claire is also the founder of The Tiffin Club, a Meetup.com social networking group. Hungry to learn more about Dubai's alternative dining scene? The Tiffin Club brings together fearless foodies from across the emirate who are looking to spice up their culinary repertoire and try some of Dubai's more diverse dining experiences. If you are passionate about food, and dining out means more than just Friday brunch or five-star chefs, then join us as we go in search of the city's hidden epicurean gems. From streetside shawarma to back alley biryani...share your favourite foodie haunts and try out new ones every month with a great group of people.